Human Connection Project’s founder and Managing Director Matt Boyce recognised through his own mental health struggles that Australians are spending increasingly less time connecting with one another, which is gravely impacting our mental health.

Human connection is a powerful thing. You only need experience a genuine connection for yourself to feel the love and openness there is to share, and the opportunity to listen and learn about each other. 

As we have become busier and more digitally connected than ever, we have become the most socially disconnected generation in human history. The act of connecting and enjoying a conversation with family, friends and even acquaintances has all but disappeared.

Human Connection Project wants to bring the art of connection back! Sharing a meal, going for a walk with a loved one or calling a friend are all small activities that together can help us better connect with one another every day.

By connecting with one another on a deeper level, we can regain safe spaces for people to talk about their struggles, joys and triumphs - 365 days a year.


Human Connection Project Foundation delivers a number of initiatives that require financial support. Our current initiatives available for sponsors or funding partners are: 

Sponsorship opportunities
- Walk & Talk - National and Supporting sponsorship options
- The Global Movement (October) - Packages launching soon
- Podcast - National exclusive sponsorship

Funding Partnership opportunities
- School Mentorship Program 
- Parenting Up-skill Program
- Human Connection Fundamentals Course

Visit our Partners and Sponsors page to find out more.

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There are two ways you can support Human Connection Project Foundation - as a Walk & Talk Ambassador, or a behind the scenes Volunteer. 

Our Walk & Talk Ambassadors run our monthly events in their local area bringing people together to walk or move, strengthen their connection with the local community and get to know each other. 

Our behind the scenes volunteers help with a little of everything. If you have skills in event planning or management, web development, video production, marketing, PR or in counselling and psychology and want to lend a hand please get in touch. 

Become an Ambassador

Let us know you are interested in becoming a Walk & Talk Ambassador and one of our Team will get in touch with you.

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Human Connection Project Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations, grants and corporate partnerships to fund our community and school initiatives.

If you would like to fund a specific program or become a corporate partner, please contact us.

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To help fund education and awareness projects across the country, Human Connection Project started How Good’s Living merchandise, a way to take their message to the streets.

The How Good’s Living campaign encourages people to have honest, open conversations regarding their mental health battles.

We believe there is so much more to life than simply existing. Life is about living. Let’s live the best version possible!


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