Why support the Human Connection Project Foundation? 

Our vision is to help people become more resilient and empathetic individuals with stronger connections to their community by empowering people to engage, create and lead through human connection.

Nearly 800,000 people globally died due to suicide last year and an estimated 10-25 attempts for every death (WHO, 2019), so to help we are taking a proactive approach to our mental health and wellness through human connection. 

By providing opportunities for human connection we aim to reduce the feeling of isolation and rates of depression and suicide in our communities.

We are currently looking for people to volunteer and support us in the following areas: 

  • Content - blogs, social media, video support
  • Grant and Proposal writing 
  • Volunteer Management
  • Social Media Community Engagement

As a volunteer contributor, you will be able to assist approx 2-4 hours per week. If you are looking for an Internship please contact us to discuss your course requirements. 

To find out more about volunteering with Human Connection Project please contact [email protected]


Sponsor an initiative

By becoming a corporate or community sponsor, you will be supporting the delivery of peer-to-peer human connection initiatives, programs and events. The reason our programs make a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of communities is they are run or delivered by people from the community - sharing their experiences to create an inclusive space for people to simply connect with each other.


Walk & Talk

Our Walk & Talk events will be relaunching in September 2020 after a hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Contact our Partnerships Manager for a Sponsorship pack if you are interesting in becoming a foundation or supporting sponsor.

The Global Movement

Aligning with World Mental Health Day and Qld Mental Health Week, the Global Movement encourages people to find a buddy and get out and move in the fight against mental illness and suicide.

Contact our Partnerships Manager for a Sponsorship pack. 

Human Connection
Project Podcast

We sit down with mental health experts and people from our community to share stories and strategies for improving human connection in our everyday lives. 

Contact our Partnerships Manager for more information.

Contact our Partnerships Manager at: [email protected]

Become a Donor or Fund a Program 

For individuals and organisations that are not looking to become a sponsor, but would still like to support our programs and initiatives, you can do this in two ways. 

1. Become a Donor - By giving a general donation you will help fund the general running of the foundation, promotion of our initiatives, programs and events, and help build awareness about proactive mental health. 

2. Fund a Program  - When you Fund a Program, your donation is used to deliver your selected program or initiative. The program can be run nationally or for a specific location or group of participants. 

To donate click the button below.

If you are interesting in funding a specific program please contact us on [email protected]

Walk & Talks

Help to promote our community events to increase participation and grow our team of volunteer Ambassadors.

Parents Upskill Program

Support parents struggling to connect with their kids during times of change, stress or key developmental milestones.

Human Connection Fundamentals Course

Support a local organisation or community group to further their skills in human connection. 

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Our Partners

We are so grateful to our network of partners that help us to bring our vision to life. Find out a little more about our partners below. 

Upward Consulting

Keeping us online and our websites looking great! 


Capturing our amazing community with videos and photos. 

Kustomize it

Guess who makes our How Goods Living and Walk & Talk Shirts!